FF.au3 Function Referenz

This UDF requires the FireFox-AddOn MozRepl.

The following is a list of all functions of the FF.au3.


User Defined Function Description
_FFAction Some standard actions to work with FireFox
_FFAu3Option Sets and get options for the FF.au3
_FFClick Simulates a click on an element.
_FFCmd Send and receive data from Firefox.
_FFConnect Connects to FireFox / MozRepl
_FFDialogWait Waits for a browser-dialog-message (e.g. alert) and closes it.
_FFDisConnect Disconnects from FireFox
_FFDispatchEvent Simulates a HTML event
_FFFormCheckBox Checks or unchecks a CheckBox in a form.
_FFFormGetElementsLength Length of the form elements
_FFFormOptionSelect Selects an element of an OptionSelect.
_FFFormRadioButton Selects a RadioButton in a form
_FFFormReset Resets a form
_FFFormSubmit Submits a form
_FFFrameEnter Selects a frame, which all subsequent commands apply on.
_FFFrameLeave Leaves the currently entered frame
_FFGetLength Returns the length of the elements in $sMode
_FFGetObjectInfo Returns a 2-dimensional array with every information of an object.
_FFGetPosition Returns an array with the position of an element and/or the position and size of the FireFox content area, relative to the client area of the window
_FFGetValue Gets an value of an element
_FFImageClick Clicks an image-link.
_FFImageMapClick Clicks on area of an image-map
_FFImagesGetBySize Returns an array with the index of matching images.
_FFIsConnected Connection status to FireFox / MozRepl
_FFLinkClick Simulates a click on a link.
_FFLinksGetAll Returns an array with informations about all existing links.
_FFLoadWait Wait while the page is loading.
_FFObj Returns or sets an value of an attribute.
_FFObjDelete Deletes an object in FireFox.
_FFObjGet Returns an object (string to use with the other _FFObj* functions)
_FFObjNew Creates a new object in FireFox.
_FFOpenURL Opens a new URL
_FFPrefGet Gets a config entry
_FFPrefReset Resets a config entry
_FFPrefSet Sets a config entry
_FFQuit Quits FireFox
_FFReadHTML Returns the HTML-source code of a page.
_FFReadText Returns the text of a page.
_FFSearch Searches a string
_FFSetValue Sets a value of an element
_FFStart Starts FireFox
_FFTabAdd Opens a new tab.
_FFTabClose Closes one or all existing tabs.
_FFTabDuplicate Duplicates a tab
_FFTabExists Checks if a tab exists
_FFTabGetSelected Returns the name or the index of the selected tab.
_FFTabSetSelected Select a tab
_FFTableWriteToArray Writes a HTML-table to an array
_FFWindowClose Closes a browser window
_FFWindowGetHandle Returns the window-handle (hwnd) from the current browser-window.
_FFWindowOpen Opens a new browser window
_FFWindowSelect Selects the active window for all other functions
_FFWriteHTML Replaces the html of body element
_FFXPath Returns and sets values due to a XPath-query.
Global variables  
XUL-Shortcuts Shortcuts for XUL-adresses.