Function Reference


Selects an element of an OptionSelect.

#Include <FF.au3>
_FFFormOptionSelect([$vElement = 0[, $sElementMode = "index"[, $vOption = 0[, $sOptionMode = "index"[, $vForm = 0[, $sFormMode = "index"]]]]]])



$vElement Optional: index (0-s), ID or name of the element. .
0 = (Default)
Optional: Mode of element selection:
index= (Default) Index (0-n) of the element.
name= Name of the element.
id= ID of the element.
$vOption Optional: Index (0-n), name, ID, text or value of the option.
0 = (Default)
Optional: Mode of option selection:
index= (Default) Index (0-n) of the option.
name= Name of the option.
id= ID of the option.
text= Text of the option.
value= Value of the option.
$vForm Optional: Index (0-n), name or ID of the form.
0 = (Default)
Optional: Mode of form selection:
index= (Default) Index (0-n) of the form.
name= Name of the form.
id= ID of the form.


Return Value

Success: Returns 1
Failure: Returns 0 and sets @ERROR
@ERROR: 0 ($_FF_ERROR_Success)
3 ($_FF_ERROR_InvalidDataType)
4 ($_FF_ERROR_InvalidValue)



For all parameters can also used the keyword Default.



_FFFormCheckBox, _FFFormRadioButton, _FFFormReset, _FFFormSubmit